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I was born in Bonn, Germany, grew up in Hamburg and came to be a German architect, researcher and lecturer on an international level.


I studied at HCU - HafenCity University in Hamburg, before spending time abroad in Australia. I hold a graduate degree (Master of Science) in Architecture. As early as 2015 I started developing and completing construction projects in northern Germany independently. Conceptual drafting, innovative design and precise planning make up my profile.


Besides designing, my academic work includes research in topics surrounding Neuroarchitecture and its use in planning residencies, educational institutaions and even habitats for human in utopian and dystopian contexts. My focus currently lies on researching Architecture in extraterrestrial spaces.

As a lecturer, I present the results of my research in London and Munich.


As founder of my architecture firm and with my associate partners, I strive to design the architecture of the future and the future of architecture.



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